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Greenheck is the Global Leader in the manufacturing of air movement and control equipment for residential & non-residential buildings. Products are engineered and manufactured to improve quality and comfort of indoor air for people inside hospitals, schools, office buildings, libraries, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, industrial plants, warehouses and any other type of commercial building that requires ventilation. Greenheck strive to create new products that save energy, perform better, install easily and require less maintenance.

Greenheck was founded 1947 in Schofield, Wisconsin (USA). Today, Company offers the broadest array of products in its market segment.

Greenheck India Pvt. Ltd. began operations in Bawal, India in December 2013 in a 67,000 square feet facility. With an ever-growing demand for products internationally, the facility in India has now expanded to around 100,000 sq.ft. space to meet the needs of the Indian, Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern markets.


Fan and ventilator products for use a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial settings for applications ranging from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.

Centrifugal fans suitable for clean air, supply or exhaust applications.

Designed for inline installations and offering a wide performance range.

Ductless design uses transfer fans to dilute and remove contaminants and control smoke.

The most innovative HVLS fan in the industry.

Pre-engineered, centrifugal exhaust system safely removes and disperses contaminated air in commercial, institutional or industrial applications.

Plenum fans are compact and economical. The fan operates individually or as a multifan array in air handling and pressurized plenum applications.

The most efficient axial design, best suited for applications where there are high volumes of air at medium to high pressures.


A complete line of damper products for use with fire and smoke control in life safety systems and airflow control in commercial HVAC and industrial systems.

Dampers to protect the opening in walls, ceiling, floors and/or partitions to prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke.

Commercial control dampers regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system. Intake, exhaust, or mixed air, are typical applications.

Manual balancing dampers ship with manual hand quadrants that can lock in place.